History of the hall

The Hall was built in 1910 and was commissioned by Revd Thomas George Dixon, the village squire. The hall is timber framed, stands on brick footings and is styled on the late medieval period or the Tudor period.

A slightly later addition, in 1914-1915, was the pargetting on the exterior of the hall. This makes the hall unique in Lincolnshire.  Designs include Britannia, Dixon, the first caretaker Jonathan Mill, local shepherd Robert Appleton, Nelson, Wellington, George V, St George, St Hugh and Lincoln Cathedral.

In 1973 the running of the hall was taken on by a management committee, although the hall remains the property of the Gibbons family. This was followed by an extensive amount of refurbishment which still continues today.

To celebrate the centenary of the Moot Hall a booklet, outlining its history and the role the Hall has played in village life, has been printed.  These are available at a nominal cost of £1.50.

For details about the booklet or post cards please contact Jonathan Gibbons on 01673 828205.