The March Yard

The March Yard, is a pleasant grass field which is available for hire with the hall. A great location for camping, parking or simply playing games!



Below is a brief history of how our field gained its name:

The North Lincolnshire Yeomanry Cavalry was raised on 24 March 1794 against the threat of invasion by the French Revolutionaries. Thomas John Dixon enrolled in the Market Rasen Troop in 1802 at the age of seventeen. Thomas John was born in 1785, the same year in which the Holton Hall was built for his parents.

In 1808 he was promoted to Coronet, and to Lieutenant in 1813. When Ayscough Boucherett retired from the Troop in 1817, Thomas John was promoted to Captain. He would still be living in the Hall as he did not marry until 1827. It was logical and convenient for him to carry out drills and exercises on his own land. This area is still known as the March Yard, behind the gardens to the Almshouses, and close to the Hall.

The Troop was disbanded in 1828, but raised again in 1831 until 1846. It is not known if Thomas John re-enlisted, although he would have been forty-six years old. He considered leaving farming and entering the army, but was dissuaded.